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Today training is more important than ever. Improving the skills of the staff of The Melton And District Furniture Project during the economic downturn is the best way to ensure that the Project is as resilient as possible.

Employers whose staff have the skills to offer high-quality products and services most efficiently, will not only be best-placed to weather the downturn, but they can also take advantage quickly when the economy picks up again.

It is estimated that 15 per cent of organisations currently suffer from skills gaps. If we don't bridge these gaps, our economy will shrink and our standard of living will fall. To combat this, Skills Pledge is working with employers, employees and the Government to improve the nation's skills.

The Skills Pledge aims to achieve a shared understanding of the value of training and encourage businesses to invest in skills accordingly, and the Melton And District Furniture Project has signed up to this training initiative.


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